Where do you set up at when you arrive?
We prefer to set up on grass, but a “hard surface” setup is do-able with advanced notice. ($50-Clean up Fee)
We MUST set up wherever the truck and trailer can access. Generally, we arrive 30 minutes prior to the event start time to set up. Please make sure the area is clear and accessible. Any delays will overlap into your “interactive” time.

What if bad weather arrives?
In the case of inclement weather, we allow you to cancel or reschedule your event prior to us arriving. We are a SHINE-ONLY display. A commercial frame tent provided by the event host is the only way to ensure non-cancellation due to weather conditions. To ensure the safety and welfare of our animals, we reserve the right to cancel an event if temperatures are at/below 25 degrees or at/above 80 degrees.

Do you provide staff to care for the animals?
All events are fully-staffed to ensure the most memorable and educational experience for visitors.

What is the deposit?
No deposit or prepayment is required, payment is due when we arrive at your event.

Do you provide hand washing stations?
We provide sanitizing stations at each event for the safety and well-being of all visitors. If possible, we would like access to a water source to fill buckets for the animals, a hose not necessary

Do you clean up?
We come prepared with clean-up and disposal equipment to keep your event grounds in the same condition we found them.

Should we put our own animals up before your arrival?
All dogs must remain clear of the area while we exhibit our animals.

Can your animal list change?
Our featured animal display list may be altered, substituted or changed at any time at our discretion.